Gen Con Event Spotlight – RISK: Shadow Forces


Form rank, gamers!

Today we’re going to be talking about RISK: Shadow Forces, our upcoming legacy game due out on August 1st of this year. It is one of our featured games at Gen Con 2022 so we’re hosting a number of special events at the convention to help players get their campaign started. As a bonus, they’ll take home the copy of RISK: Shadow Forces they started!

As mentioned above, RISK: Shadow Forces is a legacy style game, which means that players will play through 15 game campaign book during which they will unlock new content and make choices that will result in permanent changes to their copy of the game. The first choice will happen before players even start playing their first game – once they select a faction to use, they must choose between two abilities noted on stickers. One sticker is placed on the faction board, and that ability will be usable by the faction throughout the entire campaign. The other sticker is to be torn up and thrown away, forever removed from the game. Because of these legacy rules, players often want to play the entire campaign with the same players.


Because of the uniqueness of a legacy style game, offering a demo event at Gen Con requires a unique solution. Therefore, we decided to offer an event where the ticket holder would get to keep the copy of RISK: Shadow Forces that they begin! Simply purchase a ticket through the Gen Con Event portal found here, then show up at your scheduled time along with 2-4 friends. The Avalon Hill team will help you get started on your first mission, and you’ll be welcome to sit and play through as many missions as you’d like. Then, when you’re finished, you’ll pack up the game and take it with you to continue your campaign when you’re ready! Best of all, the tickets are only $48 which is a significant discount from the RISK: Shadow Forces MSRP of $72.99. That’s a savings of over 33%!

As of publication there are still event tickets available, but note these events are limited. If you are attending Gen Con this year (which takes place in Indianapolis, IN on August 4th-7th) and would like to participate in a RISK: Shadow Forces event, you can purchase your ticket via the Gen Con website here.

We look forward to seeing you at Gen Con 2022!