HeroQuest Companion App Update – Rogue Heir and More


Hail and well met Heroes,

We come bearing an exciting update to the HeroQuest Companion App. With the Rogue Heir of Elethorn figure nearing release, our app team has released an update that will allow users to choose the Rogue as a playable character. Starting today, you can include the Rogue Heir of Elethorn in your quests through the deadly dungeons of Zargon, deep into the mines of Kellar’s Keep, into the heart of the Witch Lord’s lair, or along the dangerous mountain passes of The Frozen North.


The Rogue Heir brings an unique style of play to HeroQuest. With five body points and two defend dice to start, the Rogue is not the toughest member of your party. Their survivability is further hindered by a restriction from wearing metal armor and shields. However, they don’t want to be on the front lines of battle. With great cunning and agility, the Rogue Heir dances around their enemies, throwing small blades from a safe distance. Thanks to a trusty bandolier, they have a limitless supply of throwing weapons for every quest!


But you might have noticed from some of the images that the Rogue isn’t the only hero that has been added to the app…

The Guardian Knight makes their triumphant entrance onto the digital battlefield as well! This heroic warrior is one of the King’s most trusted servants, armed with a short sword and shield at the start of the game. This means they have THREE defend dice right from the beginning and paired with 7 body points Zargon’s minions will have a tough time defeating the Knight.


As the story progresses and your Knight gets new equipment, they will become the bulwark of your party – always in the front lines thanks to their ability to equip any armor without a speed restriction and able to intercept foes before they reach your more vulnerable heroes. Many a wizard will be thankful to have the Knight by their side!


The HeroQuest Companion App update has been pushed live as of this morning, so you should see the update populate in your respective phone stores throughout the day. Once you’ve downloaded the update, you should see the Knight and Rogue available to add when creating a new party.

We hope you enjoy the addition of these exciting characters! Let us know what you think by reaching out to us on Twitter @AvalonHill, or @HeroQuest if you want to let Zargon know what he now must deal with! You’ll also find us on Instagram @AvalonHillGames. Best of all, you can join our HeroQuest fan community on the Avalon Hill Discord server here and give us direct feedback on what you think of this update!

Until the next adventure, heroes. The Quest is calling!

Please note the HeroQuest Game System is required to use the Companion App, and the Guardian Knight expansion / Rogue Heir expansion is required to use those heroes within the companion app. Check out the Hasbro Pulse website to purchase the HeroQuest game and available expansions!