HeroScape Figures Color Study Update


Welcome back, gamers!

We’ve been listening to a lot of the feedback over the past few weeks regarding the HeroScape: Age of Annihilation, Vanguard Edition Has Lab campaign and as you’re aware, we’ve already made a number of changes to the Has Lab project page to help showcase this incredible game in a way that it deserves.


However, we also recognize that there are some elements of the product itself that fans held differing opinions over. One of those elements was the color of the miniatures as shown on the Has Lab page. Now, as a reminder our team is still working hard to make everything you see as best as it possibly can be. To that end, our design team went back and took another look at the colors of the figures and decided some adjustments were in order. While these colors are not necessarily final, we do think they more closely represent our team’s intentions for the finished product. Take a look below!


As many folks are aware, each color represents the alignment a figure or squad shows towards a particular Valkyrie General. For example, a vibrant, almost blood red represents figures that show allegiance to the villainous Utgar while the more heroic Jandar commands figures formed in a clean, crisp blue.

You’ll also notice some updates from what is shown on the Has Lab page – a couple colors, notably Volarak’s light green, have been toned down from the brighter shade previously shown. And Revna has undergone a significant change, moving from a bright orange to what we feel is a more appropriate bone color.

Finally, you might even spy that one figure has seemingly had a change of heart and has switched their alliance! We know there are some Ullar fans out there who were saddened that their favorite Valkyrie General was not as well represented in the Vanguard Edition as other generals, so our team is rethinking some of the Dryan Lifeborne Magi to see if they truly belong as Volarak units, or if Ullar is a better fit. Again, remember that nothing is final so more allegiances may change or change back! That said, our team hopes to make sure each Valkyrie isn’t left wanting.

For those who are interested in painting these figures, a simple base coat of your preferred color should help you get started no matter the color of the plastic so that you are able to achieve the desired results on each and every model. We’re especially excited to see what our fans may come up with! Just note that paint, paint brushes, and all other painting equipment is not included.

What do you think of these colors? Sound off with your feedback in all our usual social places, and if you haven’t yet backed the HeroScape: Age of Annihilation, Vanguard Edition Has Lab campaign, we hope you take another look at the page with these updates in mind. We still have more updates to come in the future, so make sure to check back often!

The Battle of all Time rages on… will you take up arms?