Rise of the Dread Moon Designer Preview

Welcome back to the blog, gamers!
The design team has been hard at work on the latest adventure in the HeroQuest world, so we brought Doug back to tell everyone more about it. Take it away, Doug!
Rise of the Dread Moon
Rise of the Dread Moon is an upcoming HeroQuest expansion. We can’t pull back the whole curtain today, but we can share a little bit about why you should be excited to play these quests!

More Cunning Foes
We want Zargon to have more fun! How do you direct your minions optimally when 6’7 of solid muscle is standing in a doorway brandishing a broadsword menacingly and not letting anyone past? We are giving Zargon monsters with spells and abilities to challenge our heroes’ game strategies. Do monsters with strategic maneuvering and coordinated attacks sound good to you? Meet the specter. Specters are ghostly undead monsters who pass right through heroes, walls, and other solid objects. They channel Dread energy to snuff the life from the living regardless of the armor they rely too heavily upon! Oh, and they are even more deadly in numbers.


Rise of the Guardian Knight

Zargon doesn’t have all the fun. The knight makes their quest pack debut with new art and a new miniature! Are you ready wield sword and shield in defense of the realm?


Alchemical Experimentation

Our wizard has been hard at work brewing potions to help our heroes meet the challenge of the Dread Moon. You will see some old favorite elixirs, but without previous hero limitations.  
The value of some potion reagents has fluctuated in this war-torn economy, so you may see some changes to the gold coin value of some of our potions.  
When playing an older quest, Zargon can price potions as they are presented in that material or use these new costs if their Dread powers command it.
When should I play this expansion? Where does it fall on the HeroQuest timeline?
We see a lot of questions from players about when they should play an expansion pack. Narratively, Rise of the Dread Moon occurs directly after the events of Mage of the Mirror. However, you will find this expansion challenges new players and seasoned heroes alike. Practiced adventurers can follow the thrilling narrative journey as new playable heroes or their classic party, while also leaving space for new players to jump right in and play through a dynamic and exciting story.
How do you plan to play Rise of the Dread Moon? Cast the Far Voice spell and let us know!