Hasbro Convention Exclusives - Coming September 2020

Hasbro Pulse fans! We're so pumped to finally share the 2020 convention exclusives line up with you. We hope you're as excited as we are about what we have in store. In case you missed all the news this past week, here's a quick recap of all the awesomeness that will be available exclusively on Hasbro Pulse in the U.S. & Canada, coming September 2020.

More details to come - stay tuned!

Transformers Generations War for Cybertron Trilogy Quintesson Pit of Judgement 5-Pack


G.I. Joe Classified Series Snake Supreme Cobra Commander Action Figure


Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Lord Drakkon EVO III Figure


Ghostbusters Plasma Series Tully's Terrible Night


Hasbro Marvel Legends Series Hellfire Club Collection


Hasbro Marvel Legends Series X-Men Marvel’s Logan and Charles Xavier


Star Wars The Black Series Heroes of Endor


Star Wars The Vintage Collection Star Wars: The Clone Wars 501st Legion ARC Troopers


Star Wars The Black Series Wampa