That’s right—HasLab Lab! We’re back to give our backers twice the know-how and twice the informative information. Do you find yourself haunted by questions regarding your recent supernatural elimination needs purchase? Are you finding it difficult to rest in peace until you dig up some otherworldly answers? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these questions, then this blog update is for you! Keep on reading as we suit up to bust every eerie inquiry.

Here at the HasLab Lab, we understand the anxiety that comes from the unknown. Heck, our entire Ghostbusters business is based on the unknown. Despite any questions weighing heavily on your mind, allow us to now reassure you that Spengler’s Proton Pack will not weigh heavily on your back. All in all, our 1:1 movie-inspired prop replica weighs in at a respectable 15 pounds. We knew it was important to have a Proton Pack that wouldn’t be a burden during hours of cosplay and/or convention fun! It’s all about bustin’ ghosts without bustin’ your back.  

Plasma Series Neutrona Wand sold separately. Subject to availability.

Now that we’ve removed a great weight from your minds (and shoulders), this isn’t the time to get cocky. Bustin’ ghosts is a dangerous gig. Official Ghostbusters members need to stay on their toes. Say, for example, you were to hear the distinct sound of munching nearby. You may be wondering why you should be concerned. Muncher is pretty harmless, after all, so long as you leave him be. Unfortunately, he might just decide he wants to snack on your Pack’s real metal pieces! What? Hold on! Have we all gone mad? Real metal pieces? Yup! Our designers have made a Proton Pack that’s not only irresistible to fans but to a certain metal-munching manifestation, as well. A sturdy metal rod holds the cyclotron snug on your Pack, so you don’t experience the embarrassment of trying to bust a ghoul with a loose cover. There’s also a real metal ion arm, Clippard valve, v-hook that’s compatible with the Spengler’s Neutrona Wand, and two metal switches (housed within the cyclotron) so fans can select 1984 mode or Afterlife mode. Also included at no extra charge (sorry, Venkman) are 5 metal C-clamps for collectors to use to secure the Proton Pack to an ALICE System LC-1 Field Pack Frame… which increases the chance of a malevolent munching.


Are you, by chance, a bit of a bigger buster? Or are you maybe a slightly smaller Spengler? Either way, bustin’ is an inclusive business and we’ve got Ghostbusters of all shapes and sizes covered. Our included, padded straps boast a maximum circumference of 46 inches and a minimum circumference of 28 inches at the shoulders, while the waist has a maximum circumference of 60 inches and a minimum circumference of 24 inches (although, it can go down as small as 13 inches, if necessary). In the HasLab Lab we celebrate all buster bodies, which is why our adjustable Proton Pack straps are one size fits ghost—er, we mean most.


Come over here for a moment. Here’s a powerful update that our eerie investors are going to be thrilled to exhume! When cosplayers turn off their Proton Packs, there will be a free-roaming 5-minute window in which they can power their Packs back up… with their Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wands! Yeah, we did that. HasLab employees understand how difficult it is to reach a switch when it’s on one’s back. We watched many try to do it for hours before we grew tired of it and suggested linking the Pack with the Wand. Is there anything cooler than flipping a few switches on a Neutrona Wand then hearing and feeling a full-sized Proton Pack come to life on your shoulders? We don’t think so.


Honestly, this spooktacular backer update is so chockfull of information that we can barely stand it. And if you couldn’t tell from that forced joke, we’re talking about our supernatural stand. Our team of engineers gathered around and studied the stand. They looked at it. They looked at it some more. They measured it. Then they stared at it for a bit. Some glared. Some glowered. Others went glassy-eyed and vacant. Thankfully, that wasn’t because our stand was inhabited by the spirit of a bloodthirsty 16th-century tyrant. We’re not sure but we think it was a just a little indigestion, or maybe the long hours we put in here at the HasLab Lab. Anyway, our team of top researchers made some adjustments to the stand’s footprint to accommodate the weight of the Pack more easily. Then someone suggested that, while we’re tweaking the design anyway, it might be nice to ensure that the Spengler’s Proton Pack can be displayed on the stand with the Neutrona Wand connection hose attached. Currently, as it stands, this thing just keeps getting cooler.


Wait a second—who made this goopy, gloppy mess over here? Oh, that’s right, it’s just our custom ecto-plasm (available only to backers that ordered through Hasbro Pulse by Friday, October 29th, at 7:00 PM EST) and marshmallow goo attachments. These pliable PVC pieces can be attached to various locations on your Proton Pack, featuring built-in locking mechanisms so cosplayers can strut their stuff with that just-been-slimed look. Not feeling slimy? Go for the goop! Backers can choose how funky they want their Packs by swapping between the ecto-plasm and marshmallow attachments. Enjoy walking on the wild side? Go ahead and use both! Make your own rules!


All right, who’s ready to heat things up around here? Our Ghostbusters Plasma Series Mini-Pufts figures are straight fire. These limited-edition Ghostbusters figures feature the same premium design and detail our fans have come to expect from the Plasma Series, as well as an exclusive “toasted” deco, and are available only through the Ghostbusters HasLab. Standing at 3.75-inches tall—1:1 with the characters onscreen—fans can re-create the chaos of these maniacal marshmallows by attaching them to the hoses, ecto-plasm attachments, or marshmallow attachments on their Packs. Each Mini-Pufts toy has at least one C-clamp hand to give them a better grip on the miniature mayhem. Doesn’t it just make your head spin? Speaking of heads, did we mention that you also get 3 additional Mini-Pufts heads to swap out for frightfully fun expressions?! Just keep an eye on them so they don’t sabotage your unlicensed nuclear accelerator.


Look, we know we don’t exactly act like scientists here at the HasLab Lab. We’re more like game show hosts and, as luck would have it, we’ve got one more prize to reveal. Back when we launched our Ghostbusters HasLab, we teased out our Class III Unlock: The Spengler Special. Now, our phantom financiers are still going to receive 2 sheets of Ghostbusters-themed decals, but they will not be receiving Egon Spengler’s 16-page journal. We’re very sorry about this and can offer only the following as a consolation: Egon Spengler’s 32-page journal! Yes, you heard right, we’ve doubled the size of our Class III Unlock notebook and we’re dying for you to see what’s inside. This journal chronicles Egon Spengler’s time as a Ghostbuster from before the Manhattan Crossrip to the return of Vigo the Carpathian and beyond, including brand-new content shedding some light on just what our favorite straightlaced scientist was up to during his time in Summerville. Our writers worked closely with our partners at Sony Consumer Products and Ghost Corps to offer fans this incredible, official Ghostbusters collectible. Stuffed with sketches, designs, musings, newspaper clippings, promo fliers, never-before-seen equipment, and some carefully placed Easter eggs, this journal is available exclusively to Ghostbusters HasLab backers.


Here at the completely fabricated HasLab Lab our credentials may be fake, but our excitement is real, and we can’t wait to get these incredible Proton Packs on our backers’ backs!

Plasma Series Neutrona Wand sold separate and available for pre-order!

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