For members of our internal design team, there is no typical day. Whether they're creating the latest wave of GEN SELECT figures, or bringing to life The Lord of Chaos--Unicron--"typical" is not par for the course. So when we got together to do a photo shoot (that we legit thought was going to be easy peasy) it should have come as no surprise when we ended up with final images straight outta '84. Clearly, everyone took this very seriously, including the cat.

Glamour shots aside, the stories that inspired these epic tee designs are pretty awesome. Check out the quotes below to learn more about how these designs came to be.

Cybertron Elite Guard: "The inspiration behind this design was team morale shirts made for real military units. These shirts are usually for unit members only and very hard to get.

I started thinking about how “unit pride” is a universal belief, so I based the design on the 201st Strike Team: The Cybertron Elite Guard. They are the pinnacle of the Autobot force. Its members are specialists, masters in their fields, and only called on for the most dire of situations.

I hope fans enjoy this different expression of the traditional Transformers shirt." ~Rob


Soundwave: I started playing with Transformers in first grade on the playground. The brand was so new we were still figuring out what the character names were and who turned into what. I remember taking turns to press our fingers on the thermo-chromatic stickers to find out who was a bad guy and who was a good guy.

I thought Soundwave was extra cool. Not only did he have the best voice and could store Minicons in his chest, but he was a robot disguised as a cassette player! I think every kid back then tried at least once to fool a grandparent or someone else into thinking Soundwave was a real cassette player. He was 100% MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE to me. ~Jonathan

Unicron: "As an adult, you look back and remember the milestone movies you loved as a kid. For me, it was “The Transformers: The Movie”. So when we were asked to work on Transformers: War for Cybertron Unicron, those memories flooded in – it was a full-circle moment. And of course you can’t think of that movie without picturing the floating head of Unicron so that had to be the focus of the design.

We just hope that fans see this and think back on those childhood moments and it puts a smile on their face as it does ours." ~Mario & Jarrett

With shirts featuring Soundwave, the Cybertron Elite Guard, and Unicron himself, there's something for everybody. And that something, is MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE (we had to, you totally saw this coming).

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