Power Rangers: It’s Time to Think Pink

When we first started the planning process for the Lightning Collection, we knew that we wanted to bring in the fan-favorite Pink Ranger from the Mighty Morphin era. But adding Kim into the line posed a unique design challenge. The team strives to make the Lightning Collection the most screen-accurate Power Rangers figure line that’s ever existed, and in order to do that we’d have to sacrifice something else in the figure: articulation.

Why does articulation matter? It lets fans pose the figure in a way that more accurately represents how the character looks on the screen. Kim’s signature weapon is the Power Bow. In order to make it possible for her to pose out correctly, we’d need to add something called a butterfly joint in her shoulder, which would allow for a more realistic looking bow pull.

The problem is that Kim is a female character and figure, with a smaller frame and different body proportions than male figures. The butterfly joint takes up too much real estate in the figure, which means that if we included it, she’d end up with shoulders that are too broad for her frame.

But our team wasn’t going to let that stop us. We know fans want screen-accurate, highly poseable figures, regardless of the character… and we want that, too. So, our Product Design and Sculpting teams tackled the challenge head on, working to refine the butterfly joint to fit it into the Pink Ranger figure.

And they did it! This new joint delivers the kind of articulation needed to accurately represent the Pink Ranger’s archery skills and make her figure highly poseable without losing any screen accuracy. The team really pushed hard against manufacturing concerns and cost worries to make sure that they could get the butterfly joint into the figure, while still maintaining a female body frame.

Of course, screen accuracy isn’t just about the articulation. This is also the first Kimberly figure to use our printing process for a photorealistic head sculpt. That means that helmet on or off, Kim looks as close to screen accurate as our current technology can make her look.

Like all her fellow Rangers, Kimberly comes packed in Lightning Collection box with an illustration created by artist Tom Whalen, and a photo on the back of her posed back in one of her most iconic poses, ready to fire her bow at whatever Rita or Zedd send her way.

The Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger represents the start of a new era at Hasbro, and we think it’s going to be, in the words of Kim herself, morphinominal!