Let’s Talk Lightning

The lightning bolt has been the symbol of the Power Rangers since Mighty Morphin Power Rangers started everything off in 1993. So, it was important to us to call back to that when we were naming the collectible action figure line. The Lightning Collection was born. As Power Rangers fans ourselves, we’ve been waiting for a chance to make exactly the kind of affordable, awesomely poseable, great looking action figures Hasbro is known for. So naturally, we started big: with Tommy, the Mighty Morphin White Ranger.

But beyond the figures themselves, what really makes the Lightning Collection stand out — literally — is the really fantastic packaging. The bright, stylized illustrations on a white background differentiate them from a lot of other collector lines out there, and they pop right out on the shelves. They also make a cool backdrop for posing the figures, if you’re into that kind of thing.

All this original box art is from Tom Whalen, a designer and illustrator based out of Pennsylvania, who’s been a big fan of Power Rangers since the beginning – just like a lot of us on the team.

With the Lightning Collection, we’ve picked up the torch of creating collectible, premium action figures for this beloved, long-lived franchise. We hope we’ll make you proud.

May the Power protect you!