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MONOPOLY: Hasbro 100th Anniversary Edition


Product Description

Celebrate Hasbro's 100-year legacy with a limited edition Monopoly created by WS Game Company. The custom illustrated game board commemorates the anniversary by highlighting 90 of Hasbro's most acclaimed brands including Transformers, Peppa Pig, Magic: The Gathering, My Little Pony, NERF and so many more. The premium game comes encapsulated in an embossed unique collectible tin box and features Hasbro's iconic fun-loving characters at every corner of the board, components, and packaging.

  • Beautiful custom-illustrated game board featuring 90 Hasbro brands
  • Deluxe embossed collector's edition tin box
  • Integrated storage/banker's tray
  • Eight custom die-cast tokens
  • Custom Littlest Pet Shop hotels and Lincoln Log houses
  • Custom Money and Title Deed, Chance, and Community Chest cards

CELEBRATE 100 Years of Hasbro Fun and Games!

Childhood memories come to life with all of your favorite brands in this MONOPOLY edition celebrating Hasbro's 100th Anniversary! This homage includes Hasbro brands from the past 100 years, dating back to the nostalgia of TINKER TOYS and TONKA, to classics such as BABY ALIVE and BATTLESHIP, to modern favorites like MAGIC: THE GATHERING.  

The highlights of this masterpiece begin with the custom artwork, commissioned specifically for this edition. These bespoke illustrations are featured on the money, Chance, Community Chest, and Title Deed Cards. The LINCOLN LOG houses and LITTLEST PET SHOP hotels are also a nod to Hasbro's heritage. The pièce(s) de résistance are the collectible die-cast tokens featuring 8 iconic Hasbro brands.


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