Axis & Allies: 1942 Second Edition


Product Description

Five major powers struggle for supremacy: Germany and Japan are aligned against the great alliance of the United Kingdom, the Soviet Union, and the United States. Designed
for 2 – 5 players, the game is set in 1942 — the historical high-water mark of Axis expansion. Show that you are a brilliant military strategist by planning your attacks, marshaling your forces into embattled territories, and resolving the conflicts. Victory goes to the side that conquers its opponents on the field of battle and liberates or occupies the
greatest cities of the world. Change the course of history in a few short hours!

  • Controlling one of the Axis or Allied powers, you will command both your
  • country’s military forces and its wartime economy.
  • Punchboard tokens are now double sided with resealable bags for storage!
  • 410 plastic pieces with resealable bags for storage!
  • Game board measures 40” wide x 26” high
  • Updated rulebook and reference cards based on Errata documents and FAQs


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