Starting Lineup NFT FAQ's

What is the Starting Lineup NFT Trading Card included with my purchase?

The Starting Lineup Trading Card non-fungible token (“NFT”) is a digital render of the exclusive Panini Trading Card that is included with your Starting Lineup action figure athlete you have purchased. Click here to learn more about Panini NFT's.

What emails should I expect to see from Hasbro Pulse following my purchase?

Hasbro Pulse will send you a confirmation order email, as well as an email with shipping/tracking details. You will also receive a separate email no later than December 6th, 2022 that will include your Panini Starting Lineup NFT Trading Card redemption code, which is only redeemable through Panini.

What if I don’t receive a confirmation shipment email from Hasbro Pulse?

Please contact Hasbro Pulse Customer Support

How do I redeem my Starting Lineup NFT Trading Card after purchase on Hasbro Pulse?

Head to Panini America Online Store | Shop Exclusive Trading Cards

How soon will I see my Starting Lineup Trading Card NFT in my account after I have redeemed it?

Your Panini NFT will instantly be available in your account, and available to post on the marketplace within 10 minutes.

Where can I get support?

If you are having trouble redeeming or have questions about your Panini Starting Lineup NFT, please contact our Panini’s Customer Service at

What are the Terms and Conditions?

A free Panini America account (“Account”) with the marketplace, platform, or exchange that minted the NFT or where the NFT is deposited (“Marketplace”) is required to claim the Starting Lineup Trading Card NFT.  You can create an Account  at  Once you are signed into your Account, follow the instructions provided by Panini [in the shipping confirmation email] to redeem your NFT. The NFT must be redeemed by 11:59:59 PM ET on 12/31/2023. Customer's use of the Marketplace is subject to the Marketplace Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Upon verification of the code, Panini will transfer the NFT to the customer's Account.

Upon transfer of the Starting Lineup Trading Card NFT from Panini to the customer, the customer shall become the owner of the NFT. Limited usage rights are typically associated with most artwork or images (“Image”) associated with NFT’s on the market today. The usage rights for the Image associated with the NFT, along with any transfer restrictions or conditions (including, without limitation, royalties owed upon transfer) will be as set forth in the terms and conditions of the Marketplace, the terms of any smart contract associated with the NFT (“Permitted Uses”). If no such terms or conditions are specified, then the Permitted Uses consist of a limited, non-exclusive, revocable license to privately display the Image solely as part of the NFT for non-commercial purposes.  The customer shall have no ownership right, title or interest in or to the Image. All ownership rights, title and interest in and to the Image (including, without limitation any trademarks, copyright(s) or other intellectual property rights therein) remains with the creator(s) of that Image or the applicable intellectual property owners, and the receipt of the NFT Trading Card does not assign or otherwise transfer ownership of such Image or any trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights therein. Further, the Permitted Uses do not include the right to create derivative works of the NFT or the Image

Panini’s full terms and conditions can be viewed here

Will I be able to sell these NFTs on Panini’s secondary marketplace?

Yes. All Panini NFT’s can be listed for sale, approximately 10 minutes after the NFT is redeemed.

Who is Panini?

You can learn more about Panini here.