Axis & Allis: 1940 Pacific Second Edition


Product Description

The year is 1940. Japan continues to flex its military might in China as political tension grips the world. In Europe, France is about to fall, and Asia braces for the impact. Holland, now occupied by Germany, is forced to leave its resource rich colonies in the Dutch East Indies vulnerable to the oil-starved Imperial Japanese Empire. French Indo-China will soon be occupied by Japanese land, sea, and air forces. Britain has received an ultimatum to close the Burma Road or risk war with Japan. The United States reacts with an embargo of strategic materials. The stage is set

  • Theater-level combat focusing on the Eastern Hemisphere at the beginning of World War II
  • Leave your mark on history! Play as Japan, China, the U.S., U.K. or ANZAC forces 500 plastic miniatures extra large 35” x 32” game board for a greater play experience
  • Updated rulebook based on Errata documents and FAQs


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