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Dungeons & Dragons: Bedlam in Neverwinter

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Dungeons & Dragons: Bedlam in Neverwinter: An Escape & Solve Mystery Game is a riveting 3-part escape room adventure! Join a group of fellow adventurers investigating a series of alarming disappearances in Ice-wind Dale. The group soon discovers that some of the missing people aren’t actually missing—and a greater mystery is at hand! This harrowing 3-part adventure can be broken into 3 game sessions or played in 1 heroic sitting. Begin by creating your character. Then explore a humble tavern, fight in epic battles against iconic D&D monsters, and embark on a wild chase through the Underdark on the tail of an evil mage and his dan-gerous cult to unravel the mystery of their dastardly plans. The only way to find the missing people and escape the obstacles is to explore rooms, complete puzzles, and gather clues to solve the mystery at the end of each act. This single-play D&D escape board game for 2-6 players is a great gift for D&D and roleplaying game fans ages 12 and up.

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Includes 6 plastic figures, 11 gameboards, 4 secret envelopes, 1 mysterious object, 1 d20 die, 1 d6 die, 298 cards, 43 cardboard tokens, and rules.

  • ESCAPE THE DUNGEON, SOLVE THE MYSTERY: Dungeons & Dragons: Bedlam in Neverwinter offers all of the excitement of the beloved D&D game in one epic adventure, told in a 3-part escape room board game
  • 3-IN-1 D&D COOPERATIVE MYSTERY GAME: Players join forces to investigate a series of alarming disappear-ances. Work together to track down clues and solve the mystery at the end of each act. For 2-6 players
  • CREATE CHARACTERS, BATTLE MONSTERS: Choose a Race, Class, and Starting Weapon to create your
  • character. Then collect loot and battle D&D monsters on the hunt for an evil mage and his dangerous cult
  • SOLVE FANTASTICAL PUZZLES: Don’t split the party! Work together to decipher puzzles, from wordplay prob-lems to multi-card visual riddles. Solve them to unlock new items, locations, and clues
  • DYNAMIC GAMEBOARD: Players move their figures around the board exploring Neverwinter. The board builds and changes, revealing mysterious places and clues as players solve puzzles that unlock locations
  • GREAT GIFT FOR D&D FANS: With this D&D Escape & Solve Mystery game, RPG and Dungeons & Dragons fans ages 12 and up can immerse themselves in an exciting adventure they won't forget

Ages 12 and up
For 2-6 players.


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