Transformers: Cyber Battalion Series Sideswipe

Product Description

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Transformers Cyber Battalion Series figures feature favorite Transformers characters in a 7-inch scale. With classic Transformers conversion, change this Cyber Battalion Sideswipe figure between robot and sports car in X steps. Collect other figures in the Cyber Battalion Series to create your own Autobot vs. Decepticon battles (each sold separately. Subject to availability). Choose a side and prepare for battle!

Sideswipe talks fast and moves faster, driving circles around his Decepticon foes. He loves to speed away from where the rules tell him to go, but that doesn’t mean he’s afraid of anything. Sideswipe is a powerful warrior who’s out to do the right thing. He just has his own ways of fighting evil and protecting his friends.

Includes: figure

  • Cyber Battalion Series Sideswipe figure
  • Series includes classic Transformers characters
  • 7-inch scale figure features classic conversion
  • Changes between robot and sports car in 10 steps
  • Leave Decepticons in the dust with Sideswipe

Ages 6 and up


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