Transformers Generations Selects Smokescreen

Product Description

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Limit of 2 per customer.

Fans can take their Transformers figure collections to the next level with Generations Selects, a fan-dedicated line of figures featuring fan-favorite, special edition characters you can’t find in the main line.

 This special edition Generations Selects WFC-GS06 Smokescreen figure portrays the classic G1 character with a G1-accurate head sculpt. Figure converts to a Cybertronian alt mode in 14 steps, deco’d to reveal how Smokescreen would have looked on Cybertron. The deco incorporates Cybertronian numbers into his classic exterior.

With this Smokescreen figure, fans can add to their Praxus-native collection. Smokescreen joins Barricade and Prowl (each sold separately, subject to availability) as the third Praxian character designed in his native Cybertronian form.

The Smokescreen figure comes equipped with a W-45 Acid Pellet Blaster accessory and 2 W-50 Volt-Beam Cannon accessories that can mount on his shoulders or the hood of his vehicle mode.

Classic G1 character

  • G1-accurate head sculpt
  • Reveals Smokescreen Cybertronian alt mode
  • Alt mode deco incorporates Cybertronian numbers into his classic exterior
  • Accessories: blaster, 2 shoulder cannons that can mount on the hood of the car
  • Third Praxian character to add to Praxus-native collection (Barricade and Prowl sold separately, subject to availability).

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