Transformers Grimlock Auto-Converting Robot - Flagship Collector's Edition


Product Description

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Introducing the world's first dual-form, bidpedal walking robot. This is the most articulated robot engineered by Robosen with 34 small, yet, high-torque and high-efficient servo motors that activates seamless conversion, while ensuring stable and smooth movements. The 6-axis IMU sensors constantly monitor the robot's balance, delivering even greater stability.

Built in rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (2500mAh)

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Authentic G1 Sounds

Grimlock has built-in 150+ original Generation 1 Transformers audio lines, recorded exclusively for Robosen by Gregg Berger, original voice of G1 Grimlock. These iconic soundy bytes are paired with robotic actions, providing an immersive entertainment experience. It can recognize 42 voice commands, allowing a hands-free interaction with the robot for conversion, walking, and other various stunning stunts.

Elevate Grimlock's Playability

Control Grimlock in both dino mode and robot mode simply from the app. Enjoy quick responses with Bluetooth BLE 5.0 as you remote control the robot's auto-conversion, movements, and impressive actions from any mobile device.

With the app's "MiniTheater" feature, enjoy captivating solo performances in SoloPlay mode and thrilling coordinated displays in MultiPlay mode. Join forces with Optimus Prime and defeat the Decepticons in epic battle reenactments. Stay tuned for more immersive adventures with other Robosen Transformers robots.

Programmable Robot Share and Download Actions

We offer four programming modes, making it easy to program new actions for Grimlock. We also provide cloud sharing functionality, allowing Robosen users from around the world to freely create, share, and download other custom actions, enabling Grimlock to do so much more!

Block-base Programming
where you can drag modules to set the angles and speeds of the robot's movements, and create a segment of robot movements to reproduce classic scenes from the movies.

Manual Programming
Intelligent manual manipulation, where you can directly adjust the joints to suitable angles and positions to quickly create robot movements.

Voice Programming
say "start programming" to the robot, and then say multiple command words in the order you want, and then say "execute" after completion, and you can easily create a robot performance according to the order of the voice commands.

Computer-based programming
When you want to unleash the full potential of Grimlock robot, we recommend using computer-based 3D programming software.

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