Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Trailer with Roller – Collector’s Edition


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Back up has arrived and is here to fully equip your FLAGSHIP Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot – Collector’s Edition (sold separately) with the addition of the world’s first auto-converting Trailer with Roller set! Expand your arsenal and defend against the Decepticons by completing the most interactive Optimus Prime robot experience ever to launch! 

Modeled after the original G1 design and measuring at an impressive 3 ft (91.44 cm) in height (when fully extended with combat deck grapple-arm), the Trailer includes an illuminated combat deck, Roller & Spike figure, incredible details and customized actions. It auto-converts into maintenance and battle mode by folding open, pivoting upwards, and exposing its massive fire power from within the combat deck. Stationed inside, Roller awaits your command to explore and engage the enemy, all via app control, along with human sidekick Spike, who is ready to jump into action or enjoy the ride!

Seamlessly connect the Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot with the Trailer, and control via the app for the most authentic, awe-inspiring Transformers experience!

Optimus Prime Robot and Trailer each sold separately.


  • Robosen Flagship Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Trailer, Roller vehicle, Spike action figure, and protective foam storage case 
  • Mobile App available through Apple App Store & Android App Store – search: ROBOSEN Optimus Prime 
  • Rechargeable Lithium Cell Battery (2600mAh) and Charging Cable 
  • Limited Edition Collectible Pack, which includes: Autobot Magnetic Car Badge, Metal Challenge Coin, Individual Serialized Number and Sticker Pack!  
  • Transformers Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot sold separately   

Product Features: 

  • Modeled after the original G1 design and measuring at an impressive 3 ft (91.44 cm) in length! 
  • Simple and seamless connectivity syncs Optimus Prime Robot, Trailer, and Roller products to all work together via App or Voice Commands. 
  • Simple voice commands open the Trailer’s rear swing doors to expose the automatic lift gate, which Roller can drive up and down. 
  • Roller is stationed inside awaiting its call to engage the enemy, while the combat deck is illuminated with incredible attention to detail from the original G1 design! 
  • Optimus Prime firing sound effects blast away with the integrated speaker inside the Trailer! 
  • Automatically folds open to expose the illuminated combat deck and articulating sentry blaster. 
  • App controlled Roller is stationed inside, ready to roam on its own or two the Trailer. 
  • Realistic features include swing out motorized hydraulic lifts, automatic opening back gates (doors), and a sturdy ramp (manually lowered) for Roller to zoom in and out of. 
  • Autonomous Roller mounts Optimus Prime robot’s blaster for further fire power and support. 
  • The Optimus Prime Auto-Converting Robot seamlessly tows the Trailer with the integrated fifth wheel coupling that easily attaches while operating in truck mode for a quick and realistic connection. 
  • Powered by 60 microchips and 18 individual servo motors 
  • Includes protective storage case with handle for easy transportation, along with the Limited Edition Collectible Pack, which includes: Individual Serialized Number, Autobot Magnetic Car Badge, Metal Challenge Coin, and Sticker Pack! 

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