Avalon Hill January 2023 Releases


Welcome, gamers, to our first blog of 2023!

2022 was quite the year, but our favorite moment was easily attending Gen Con for the first time. We had the opportunity to meet many of you face to face. It was so cool to hear your excitement for our titles and share that passion for games. We also were able to share info on some upcoming titles at Gen Con, and the exciting news is that two of those titles are now available!

As of January 15th, both Dungeons & Dragons: The Yawning Portal and HeroQuest: Mage of the Mirror (an expansion for the base HeroQuest Game System) are available in stores. Here are the two fantastic titles in more detail:

Dungeons & Dragons: The Yawning Portal


One of the most iconic pubs in all of Dungeons & Dragons comes alive in this strategy board game for 1-4 players. Take on the role of a harried barkeep working to provide food and drink for all the hungry heroes who patronize The Yawning Portal. If you can serve a customer what they desire, you’ll get paid in dazzling gems. But a clever action tile system means you’re not always able to take the action that you might want! Accomplish your goals, collect sets of gems, and see to it the weary adventurers are treated well to be the best bartender in the Forgotten Realms. This game is a rousing good time for friends to play over a pint or a plate of Quippers and Chips!

HeroQuest: Mage of the Mirror


In this expansion to the HeroQuest Game System, the heroes are challenged to confront the diabolical archmage Sinestra and save the kidnapped Princess Millandriell! As a courageous Elf, will you survive the perilous solo quests to prove your strength and valor? You must recover a legendary sword, free two of the Queen’s attendants, and navigate safely through a treacherous maze. Only then will your fellow heroes join you to pass through the mirror to the Realm of Reflection and try to free the princess. Immerse yourself in the fantasy with 10 daring quests, stunning artwork, 33 detailed miniatures, and full-color tiles. This game has limitless replayability, and you can also create your own quests and stories. Gather friends together for an exciting night of tabletop gameplay in an epic battle of good and evil. (Requires HeroQuest Game System to play. Sold separately.)

We hope you take the time to check out these fantastic titles! You can find them in the Avalon Hill section of Hasbro Pulse or at local stores near you.