HeroQuest - A Chilling Journey North

Exciting news ahead, gamers!

The Frozen Horror expansion global launch date is August 1st, 2022, though it may be available in your region ahead of schedule. We’re so excited for this release that we’ve put together an introductory solo quest for any hero to attempt, along with additional playtest rules and errata.

Here’s a deeper look from our favorite designer, Doug:

“Hear my words heroes, for the HeroQuest Frozen Horror Expansion pack is not an adventure to be trifled with! Many a valiant hero has not returned from its icy monster-strewn dungeons. Loretome has revealed a dangerous journey one hero may undertake to find a lost artifact of great power. Are you up to the task? The quest is calling!

HeroQuest Online Quest 2 – Into the Northlands is a solo quest for any hero. It is designed to prepare them for the powerful threats found in the HeroQuest Frozen Horror Expansion pack. For Zargon players, this quest gives some suggestions and tools to help scale the level of difficulty desired for their game. It also answers some commonly asked questions and provides errata to some game mechanics that felt more unfair than challenging.

This quest includes a set of playtest rules for bringing an animal companion on your solo adventures. A popular archetype in sword and sorcery tales is the friend of beasts. Great cats, horses, hawks, and all manner of small clever critters have a history of thwarting the machinations of foul sorcerers. We wanted to take this opportunity to playtest some new companion rules and tell a story of how your hero first encountered one of these faithful animals on their journey to the frozen north.

The Avalon Hill team uses an alternative to the roll to move mechanic in our playtesting. We included it in this quest so you could try it out! It keeps the drama of rolling double 1s (tripping on a loose dungeon cobblestone) in combat but keeps exploring brisk.

Cast the far voice spell and let us know what you think!”