Versus: G.I. Joe Edition

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite heroes or villains would fair in a versus match against one another? Sure – who hasn’t, right? If you’re at all like us here at Hasbro Pulse, then you have probably gone even deeper and imagined more elaborate scenarios or pitted them against crazy, far out conditions to make such a fight even wilder! Yeah? Well, welcome to Hasbro Pulse Unboxed: Versus, where the inventive minds behind some of your favorite brands take simple one-on-one match ups and dial the dust up to level 10!

In this Hasbro Pulse Unboxed: Versus match, we asked some of Hasbro’s biggest G.I. Joe fans who they felt would win in a fight between iconic characters like Duke vs. Cobra Commander, Snake Eyes vs. Storm Shadow, and Scarlett vs. Baroness. Too simple? Yeah, we thought so too, hence we added a bear.