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Star Wars The Black Series Reva (The Third Sister) Force FX Elite Lightsaber

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The Most Cutting-Edge Star Wars HasLab Project Yet …

Star Wars fans, get ready: The Black Series is introducing a HasLab project like no other!

You’ve seen how we’ve brought iconic Star Wars scenes to life with detailed LED Force FX Elite sabers. But this HasLab project is bringing fans something entirely new: The Black Series’ first integrated double-bladed Force FX Elite LIGHTSABER. This roleplay item comes with the features you love—including progressive ignition, blaster deflect, battle clash effect, and more. With the coordinated attack technology in the hilt and both blades installed, LED animation and effect sequences play out across the entire 6.5 feet lightsaber! Battle the Jedi™ with both blades at play or just one—you’re in control.

This crowdfunded project will run from May 27th 2022 7:30PM ET to July 11th 11:59PM ET. If successful, the project will begin shipping Fall 2023.

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The First of Its Kind

When we first see her, it’s a flash of a black uniform … a bright red blade … and a ruthless expression. This Force-sensitive villain is more than a match for the Jedi—and is an unforgettable new character in Star Wars entertainment.

Are you ready to help Inquisitor Reva on her mission?

For the first time in live-action entertainment, Inquisitor Reva and her double-bladed LIGHTSABERmade their debut in the Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi™ streaming only on Disney+. And only HasLab can bring her iconic lightsaber from onscreen battle scenes right into your hands.

Inquisitor Reva—also known as The Third Sister—is calculating, ambitious, and will stop at nothing to bring down the Jedi. Inquisitors were tasked by Darth Vader™ with a mission to destroy all children of the Force—giving them access to the Empire’s latest technologies, including the double-bladed lightsaber. It features dual modes—single- and double-bladed—ideal for disorienting and incapacitating enemies.

Now’s your chance to join the Inquisitors’ ranks with a lightsaber built to destroy even the most skillful remaining members of the Jedi Order™. With this premium roleplay item, you can gear up like an Inquisitor and relive key moments and thrilling battle scenes from Obi-Wan Kenobi—imagine the storytelling possibilities!

Don’t miss out! This crowdfunded project will run from May 27th 2022 7:30PM ET to July 11th 11:59PM ET. If successful, the project will begin shipping Fall 2023.

Force-Powered Features

  • Coordinated attack technology: Combining advanced LEDs and entertainment-inspired sound effects that can be applied across two integrated blades, the Inquisitor Reva LIGHTSABERis the most dynamic Force FX lightsaber yet.
  • Unique form factor: This lightsaber features both half- and full-circle configuration—complete with lights and sound effects—based on the Inquisitors’ iconic lightsabers featured in the live-action Star Wars series Obi-Wan Kenobi streaming on Disney+
  • Size: With both blades attached, this massive lightsaber measures over 6.5 feet long!
  • Detailing: Down to the smallest details, we’ve designed an official double-bladed lightsaber like the ones you’ve seen across Star Wars entertainment—from its bright red light effects to its beveled hilt.
  • Includes display stand: Proudly display this lightsaber on the included metallic grey stand.
  • Includes rechargeable battery—so you’ll have enough power to imagine thrilling adventures on the go.

Choose Your Battle Mode with Coordinated Attack Technology!

Imagine all the features you’ve come to love from The Black Series Force FX Elite LIGHTSABER—taken to the next level. With coordinated attack technology, you can trigger realistic effects separately or across both blades! This integrated innovation transforms you into a formidable Jedi hunter as you weave through attacks with one or both blades in play.

Choose between half-circle and full-circle configuration with series-inspired sound and light FX--so you’re always prepared for the next attack

Prepare to duel with progressive ignition and light up the advanced LEDs for a smooth ignition effect

Employ blast deflect to defend yourself from oncoming Jedi attacks

Imagine yourself at the height of galactic battle in battle sequence mode and play an iconic battle scene animation

Use the wall-cutting effect to slice through obstacles with the blades’ molten tips

Trigger duel effect to hear LIGHTSABERS clashing together during your mission to capture the Jedi

“The key to hunting Jedi … is patience.”

Tracking down Obi-Wan is no easy feat—so we thought we’d give you a hand with the most innovative Force FX Elite LIGHTSABERtechnology yet. With this new item, we want to place you in the center of the action as only The Black Series roleplay items can.

But we need your help.

You only have until July 11th 11:59PM ET to fund this project—and Hasbro is the only place to get a saber of this caliber. So don’t wait! Join us by funding this initiative today.