About Hasbro Pulse Premium

Hasbro Pulse Premium is the ultimate status upgrade to Hasbro Pulse accounts that gives our fans free standard shipping (continental U.S. only) throughout 2019 & other epic perks throughout the year. What more could a fan want?

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Shopping with your Hasbro Pulse Premium status is simple. Just checkout using the email address you used to sign up for Hasbro Pulse Premium and free standard shipping (continental U.S. only) will be automatically applied to your order.

If you experience any issues or have questions, please contact us here.

Hasbro Pulse Premium is leveling up later this year!

We want to give fans like you more of the things you’re looking for in a loyalty program.

The full program details will be announced soon but here’s a sneak peek:

  • Rewards just by having a Hasbro Pulse account
  • Tiered Program based on how you much spend, or you can buy your way to the next tier up front – your choice!
  • Exclusive access to sweepstakes, products and content
  • And... access to more epic perks throughout the year!


Already a Hasbro Pulse Premium Member?

Awesome – we appreciate you and we want to make our Premium Program totally worth your while! Don’t worry – your current status remains active until the new program goes into effect. Stay tuned via email and social for more details on the new Hasbro Pulse Premium program!



Hasbro Pulse Premium is the status upgrade to Hasbro Pulse accounts that gives customers free standard shipping (continental U.S. only) & other perks.

Hasbro Pulse Premium is available to customers age sixteen (16) years or older for an enrollment fee (+ tax).


Customers enrolled with Hasbro Pulse Premium status will receive the following:

- Free standard continental U.S. shipping  

- Premium-only promotions, discounts, flash sales & contests

- Other perks at select fan conventions


The following are the Terms and Conditions (the “Agreement”) for Hasbro Pulse Premium (the “Program”). This Agreement governs any subscription to the Program. Please note that your use of the HasbroPulse.com site and the Program are also governed by the Hasbro Pulse Terms of Use, as well as all other applicable terms, conditions, limitations, and requirements on the HasbroPulse.com site, all of which are hereby incorporated into this Agreement. If you (“you,” “your,” “customer”) subscribe to the Program, you fully accept these terms, conditions, limitations and requirements. Hasbro Pulse Premium is a program administered by Hasbro Inc. (“we,” “us,” “our,” “ours” or “Hasbro”). Please read this Agreement carefully as your use of the Program means you have acknowledged and agreed to terms set forth herein in their entirety.


Upon enrollment in the Program, customers will receive a confirmation email with details confirming their Program status.

If a customer has not received a confirmation email, contact us and we can investigate. Customers must have their order number ready so we can verify their enrollment. Call us at 1-866-278-4264 (Monday through Friday: 8AM to 8PM EST, Saturday: 10AM to 6:30PM EST) Email us at CustomerService@HasbroPulse.com.

Program enrollment goes into effect at the time of purchase. Customers will not have access to any perks advertised prior to the customer’s individual enrollment in the Program. Customers will only have access to perks advertised through the Program following the customer’s enrollment.

Customers will be contacted via email about the Program’s additional perks and incentives. Customers must opt-in to Program marketing emails to receive these updates.

If a customer opted-out of marketing emails, a customer must input their email address in the email signup section at the bottom of HasbroPulse.com to re-subscribe. The customer should then receive an email confirming that they’ve been added back to marketing emails.

We do not assume any liability for correspondence, mail, or email that is lost, delayed, or misdirected.


If a customer wishes to unenroll at any time, please contact us and we will remove the Hasbro Pulse Premium status from their account. Call us at 1-866-278-4264 (Monday through Friday: 8AM to 8PM EST, Saturday: 10AM to 6:30PM EST) Email us at CustomerService@HasbroPulse.com.

If a customer decides to unenroll from the Program, they will only be refunded the $50 enrollment fee if they have not made any purchases with their account. Once a purchase has been made and free standard shipping has been used as a result of Program enrollment, the account becomes ineligible for a refund on the enrollment fee.


Free standard shipping under Program includes shipping in the continental U.S. only.

Free standard shipping does not apply to HasLab campaigns.

Free standard shipping and other perks are not valid on previous orders.

Changing or combining orders, changing your shipping address, or adding expedited shipping might affect your Hasbro Pulse Premium status eligibility.

We may exclude products with special shipping characteristics or if any other circumstance exists that would not allow for standard shipping at our discretion.

Oversized items, expedited options, and orders shipped to Alaska and Hawaii do not qualify and will have additional charges as noted at checkout.

Applicable return policies apply to all returns of eligible items that were purchased using the Program.


The Program will be made available to customers for an enrollment fee (+ tax).

The standard annual fee to enroll in the Program is currently $50. Your initial annual fee may be less if you enrolled in the Program in response to a specific promotion. We may change the standard annual subscription fee at any time, but changes will apply only to new and renewal customers. The fee is not refundable, except as expressly set forth herein. Taxes may apply on any or all the enrollment fee or any benefits available under the Program.

If you wish to be removed from the Program, please contact us. Once a customer unenrolls from the Program, they will no longer be eligible for free standard shipping or any other perks associated with the Program due to such unenrollment.


Hasbro Pulse Premium is available to customers for a $50 enrollment fee (+ tax).

Hasbro Pulse Premium does not have an auto-renew policy. Users will have to re-enroll in 2020 to be part of the program - more details will be shared later in the year about re-enrollment. If a customer wishes to be removed from Hasbro Pulse Premium in 2019, please contact us. Note, that if a customer unenrolls from Hasbro Pulse Premium in 2019, they will not be eligible for free standard shipping or any other perks associated with this status throughout the year.


The initial term of your enrollment in the Program shall commence on the date of purchase of your enrollment into the Program and shall continue for the term stated in your purchase confirmation email. You may confirm your term dates by contacting us at CustomerService@HasbroPulse.com. The initial enrollment fee will be billed to your credit card used at checkout. You have the right to cancel your subscription to the Program at any time. You may cancel your subscription to the Program by contacting us at CustomerService@HasbroPulse.com.


The Program is intended for personal use only, not for resale. Your enrollment and participation may be revoked at any time for any reason, including if abuse is found. We may also terminate any status upgrades which have been added to your enrollment or status within Program in our sole discretion, without notice, for reasons related to conduct that we determine, violates this Agreement or the Hasbro Pulse Terms of Use or any applicable law, involves fraud or misuse of the Program, or is harmful to our interests or another user.


We reserve the right to accept or refuse Program status upgrades in our discretion.

You may not transfer or assign your enrollment and status or benefits in the Program, including any promotional codes, except as allowed in this Agreement.

You are not permitted to use your Program status upgrade (if any have been applied to your enrollment in the Program) to purchase for resale, rental, or to ship to your customers or potential customers.

From time to time, Hasbro may choose in its sole discretion to add, remove or change the Hasbro Pulse Premium benefits and terms. We further reserve the right to modify or change the terms of this Agreement at any time. We will post such changes here: https://hasbropulse.com/products/hasbro-pulse-premium. YOUR CONTINUED USE OF THE PROGRAM FOLLOWING REASONABLE NOTICE OF ANY CHANGES TO THIS AGREEMENT CONSTITUTES YOUR ACCEPTANCE OF SUCH CHANGES. YOU AGREE THAT NOTICE OF ANY TO THIS AGREEMENT POSTED AT https://hasbropulse.com/products/hasbro-pulse-premium CONSTITUTES REASONABLE AND SUFFICIENT NOTICE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO ANY CHANGES, YOU MUST CANCEL YOUR ENROLLMENT IN THE PROGRAM. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO REVIEW THIS AGREEMENT FROM TIME TO TIME TO ENSURE THAT YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE MOST RECENT VERSION.

If any provision of or change to this Agreement is found invalid, void, or unenforceable for any reason, such provision or change shall be enforced to the maximum extent permissible so as to effect the intent of the parties, and the remainder of the Agreement shall continue in full force and effect.

Subject to terms of use, HasbroPulse.com shipping and other policies. Additional terms and conditions may apply to specific portions of the Program, which terms are made part of these Terms and Conditions for HasbroPulse.com by reference. You agree to abide by all such other terms and conditions. If there is a conflict between the Program Terms and Conditions and the terms posted or emailed for, or applicable to, a specific portion of the Program, the latter terms shall control with respect to your use of that portion.