Hasbro Pulse Premium Terms

Hasbro Pulse Premium is the status upgrade to Hasbro Pulse accounts that gives customers free standard shipping (continental U.S. only) & other perks for a year. 

Hasbro Pulse Premium is available to customers for a $50 enrollment fee (+ tax).


Customers enrolled with Hasbro Pulse Premium status will receive the following:

- Free standard continental U.S. shipping for a year from the month signed up 

- Premium-only promotions, discounts, flash sales & contests

- Other perks throughout the year at select fan conventions & more


Upon enrollment in Hasbro Pulse Premium, customers will receive a confirmation email with details confirming his/her Hasbro Pulse Premium status.

If a customer has not received a confirmation email, contact us and we can investigate. Customers must have their order number ready so we can verify their purchase.

Account status goes into effect at the time of purchase. Customers will not have access to previously offered perks prior to their enrollment; customers will only have access to future perks offered through Hasbro Pulse Premium.

Customers will be contacted via email about additional perks and incentives available with Hasbro Pulse Premium. Customers must opt-in to marketing emails to receive these updates.

If a customer opted-out of marketing emails, a customer must input their email address in the email signup section at the bottom of HasbroPulse.com to re-subscribe. The customer should then receive an email confirming that they’ve been added back to marketing emails.


If a customer wishes to unenroll at any time, please contact us and we will remove the Hasbro Pulse Premium status from their account.

If a customer decides to unenroll from Hasbro Pulse Premium, they will only be refunded the $50 enrollment fee if they have not made any purchases with their account. Once a purchase has been made and free standard shipping has been used as a result of Hasbro Pulse Premium status, the account becomes ineligible for a refund on the enrollment fee.


Free standard shipping with Hasbro Pulse Premium status is eligible for shipping in the continental U.S. only.

Free standard shipping does not apply to HasLab campaigns.

Free standard shipping and other perks are not valid on previous orders.

Changing or combining orders, or changing your shipping address, speed or preferences might affect your Hasbro Pulse Premium status eligibility.

We may exclude products with special shipping characteristics at our discretion.


Hasbro Pulse Premium will be available to customers for a $50 enrollment fee (+ tax).

In 2020, Hasbro Pulse will reach out to customers about joining an opt-in auto-renewal membership. If a customer wishes to be removed from Hasbro Pulse Premium in 2019, please contact us. Note, that if a customer un-enrolls from Hasbro Pulse Premium in 2019, they will not be eligible for free standard shipping or any other perks associated with this status throughout the year.


Hasbro Pulse Premium status is intended for personal use only, not for resale. If abuse is found, account status can be revoked at any time. We may terminate your Hasbro Pulse Premium status upgrade at our discretion, without notice, for reasons related to conduct that we determine, in our discretion, violates these Terms or the Hasbro Pulse Terms of Use or any applicable law, involves fraud or misuse of the Hasbro Pulse Premium status, or is harmful to our interests or another user.


We reserve the right to accept or refuse Hasbro Premium Pulse status upgrades in our discretion.

You may not transfer or assign your Hasbro Premium Pulse status or benefits, including promotional codes, except as allowed in these terms.

You are not permitted to use your Hasbro Pulse Premium status upgrade to purchase for resale, rental, or to ship to your customers or potential customers.

From time to time, Hasbro Pulse may choose in its sole discretion to add, remove or change the Hasbro Pulse Premium benefits and terms.

Subject to terms of use, HasbroPulse.com shipping and other policies.