HeroQuest – The Dread Veil Dice Set with Scroll Dice Mat and Storage

Product Description

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Step into the world of HeroQuest with our captivating Dread Veil Dice Set – a must-have for all tabletop gaming enthusiasts! This special collection includes six custom-themed dice, each bearing the iconic symbols necessary for battling Zargon. These dice are far from ordinary; they come in a stylish collectible tin designed to protect and showcase their magical allure.

What truly sets these dice apart is their enchanting design. Forged from a blend of transparent purple and turquoise resins, they shimmer with captivating, color-shifting magic that echoes the mysteries of the Dread Moon. As they catch the light, you'll find yourself spellbound by the prismatic glitter dust that dances across their surface, mirroring the wondrous spells and artifacts you'll encounter within Elethorn.

To elevate your gaming experience to legendary heights, we've included the HeroQuest Scroll Dice Mat and Storage. This versatile accessory unfurls to create a smooth rolling surface for your dice, akin to the binding of the Lore Tome itself. Moreover, it boasts a concealed zipper compartment – a secret vault for securely and stylishly carrying your dice, ensuring they remain as well-protected as the treasures you'll uncover on your epic journey.

Elevate your gaming adventure to the kingdom of Elethorn with the Dread Veil Dice Set and HeroQuest Scroll Dice Mat and Storage. May the dice always roll in your favor as you heed Mentor's call.

Age 16+


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